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ContainIQ Public Launch - Kubernetes native monitoring instantly!

February 21, 2022
Nate Matherson

Hey world! Matt and I are beyond excited to launch ContainIQ to the public today! Matt and I set out to build a Kubernetes native monitoring solution that just worked.

We built a solution that provides Kubernetes native monitoring instantly with pre-built dashboards and easy to create monitors. A one-line install takes 5 minutes to set up, no configuration needed. And no ongoing maintenance. It just works.

We are also excited to announce that ContainIQ was recently funded by Y Combinator and is part of the S21 batch. Here we go:


  • At ContainIQ we provide Kubernetes native monitoring instantly with our pre-built dashboards and easy to create monitors
  • We are launching with three core features / dashboards: Kubernetes events, Pod/Node level metrics, Service Latency (we built it with eBPF!)
  • One-line install takes 5 minutes to set up, no configuration or maintenance needed.
  • Straightforward pricing that doesn’t surprise you: $250 / month
  • Use promotion code July2021Launch for a one-time $249 coupon, so first month $1
  • Register here to get started, or Book A Demo with me

What can ContainIQ do for me?

ContainIQ provides Kubernetes native monitoring instantly.

We are launching with three core features / dashboards: service latency (we built it with eBPF!), Kubernetes events, pod/node level metrics

Users can create monitors/alerts on these data points or events (ex backup jobs failing, crashloops, etc.) and feed them to a Slack channel. 

Service Latency Dashboard:

ContainIQ Service Latency Dashboard

Latency by URL path:

ContainIQ Latency by URL Path

Kubernetes Events Dashboard:

ContainIQ Kubernetes Events Dashboard

Pod Metrics Dashboard:

ContainIQ Pod Metrics Dashboard

Node Metrics Dashboard:

ContainIQ Node Metrics Dashboard

Logging Dashboard: 

ContainIQ Logging Dashboard

Creating Monitors / Alerts:

As of today, users can create alerts on events and in the next week or so we will be live with metric level monitoring:

Kubernetes Event Monitors

Users can easily toggle monitors on and off. Creating a monitor takes less than 2 minutes and we would be happy to help you set them up, if needed.

How does ContainIQ work?

Registering for an account takes about 2 minutes. You can create an account on ContainIQ with an email and password.

After that, you are presented with installation instructions. You can install ContainIQ using HELM or a .yaml file. We have two agents that sit inside your cluster: a single replica deployment that collects metrics and events from the Kubernetes API and an additional daemonset that collects latency information for every pod on that node.

From a technological standpoint, we are most excited about our latency dashboards. We built these dashboards using a new technology called eBPF, which allows us to collect this data from the kernel directly. As a result, the user won’t need to configure latency on every service, you won’t need to install any application level packages or configure any middleware and new services will automatically populate into your dashboard without additional configuration.

After installing ContainIQ, our pre-built dashboards will automatically start populating on the backend.

Connecting Slack is really easy. Just click Activate and choose the channel where you want to receive your alerts:

More integrations are coming soon too!

What makes ContainIQ different?

  • We are focused on delivering an immediate time-to-value.
  • Small and large engineering teams won’t need to waste time monitoring the monitoring.
  • Our pre-built dashboards just work and all your engineers will know how to use ContainIQ.
  • Building a drop-in solution for Kubernetes observability based on eBPF.
  • Because we are only focused on k8s we can build to your very specific use cases.
  • Straightforward pricing that doesn’t 5x on you overnight. Pricing that you can predict and that is easy to understand at all levels of the organization.

Ask and Offer?

We would love to work with you and your team first. On-boarding takes about 5 minutes with our one-line install. We would be happy to go through it with you too.

Our pricing is really straightforward. We charge $250/month for up to 50/nodes. Beyond that please contact us.

For our public launch we are offering the first month for $1 ($249 off the first month). The promotional code is producthunt, and it provides a one-time $249 discount. The coupon is only valid through July 2021 and will expire at midnight on July 31st, 2021.

Register here to get started, or Book A Demo with us.

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Nate Matherson

Nate Matherson is the Co-founder & CEO of ContainIQ. An experienced entrepreneur and technologist, he has founded multiple venture-backed companies and is a two-time Y Combinator Alum. Nate is also an active angel investor.