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ContainIQ March 2022 Product Updates

March 9, 2022

Here we recap our new product features and changes for the month of March 2022.

June 21, 2022
Marcello Rossi
Director of Product

It has been an exciting month for ContainIQ, a Kubernetes monitoring and observability company. Our engineering team worked diligently to release four new and highly anticipated features to our platform.


  • Request tracing, correlate requests to logs and metrics, status codes, and more.
  • Advanced log filtering
  • Multi-user support
  • On-prem and in-cloud support

We are particularly excited to share our Request Tracing feature set, which is shaping up to be our biggest feature launch to date!

Request Tracing

At ContainIQ, we are working to deliver APM features and functionality without an APM. Because we exist at the kernel and OS layer, we are able to deliver experiences instantly that would otherwise require the traditional setup of an APM.

With eBPF, we are able to deliver Request Tracing from the same one-line install that you’ve come to expect from our company. By parsing the network packet from the socket directly ContainIQ can instantly collect HTTP requests without users having to install any application packages or instrument each microservice manually. Here is a quick summary of the core functionality: 

  • Correlate individual requests to logs and metrics with one click (more below)
  • View latency for each individual request.
  • View path, method, status code, and latency for each individual request. As well as the pod name and hostname.
  • Search and filter with regex or by date/time.
  • Graph average, p95, p99 latencies, and error rates overtime by URL groupings

Trace Logs

Identify performance bottlenecks and debug more efficiently with our trace/log correlation feature. You can easily debug spikes in latency and 500+ status codes by clicking directly on the individual to trace to see the logs as well as the CPU and memory at the time of the request.

Need to drill-down to a specific group of paths or day/time? Aggregate all traces for a specific path with regex search or filter traces by a specific day and time (minute, hour, day). 

ContainIQ Request Tracing

Advanced Logging Filters (Log Query Builder) 

We added the ability to build advanced log queries directly from the dashboard. Here users are able to build regex queries on pod name, message, container name, stream, or search the JSON directly. You can search the JSON message and parse key-value pairs - making it easier to aggregate and filter JSON formatted log messages.

ContainIQ Advanced Logging Filters

Multi-User Support

As we continue to scale with our customers, we recognized their need for multi-user support. You can now invite and assign cluster permissions for anyone on your team, at no additional cost. At the moment, we offer two predefined roles, administrator and user. 

  • Administrator: Provides access to view all clusters, team members, and billing and usage information. The administrator can add, remove, and set permissions for users added to the ContainIQ account. This role is automatically assigned to the creator of the account. 
  • User: This role is given to anyone invited by the administrator. Cluster permissions are granted to each user at the administrators discretion. 
ContainIQ Multi-User Support

On-Premise Support

In addition to our managed solution, we are excited to announce that ContainIQ now supports on-prem and in-cloud installations. For customers with strict security concerns and requirements, our on-prem support offers significant benefits and assurances.

To take advantage of the on-prem or in-cloud offering, you should reach out to a ContainIQ representative to learn more, or by booking a demo here.

That’s it for our March update. We are working on some exciting things in April, looking forward to sharing them with you very soon! Here is a sneak preview of a few of the items we are working on now for release in the next month:

  • Daily and/or weekly email health reports, a report card of sorts
  • Additional protocol support for the automated tracer (SQL, gRPC, Redis)
  • Alerting on status codes and latencies for individual requests
  • Additional integrations for alerts (ex PagerDuty, Discord)
  • Pre-configured alerts available instantly upon installation

If you want to learn more about our latest releases or how ContainIQ can help you with your monitoring and observability needs, feel free to book a demo here. You can also sign up for an account and get started today with our self-service product here

As always, we welcome any suggestions, comments, and feedback. Please feel free to reach out. We’d love to hear from you!

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Marcello Rossi
Director of Product

As the Director of Product, Marcello oversees the design and user experience of ContainIQ's product. Marcello is also responsible for identifying and prioritizing high potential feature sets that improve the end-user experience.