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ContainIQ June 2022 Product Updates

June 16, 2022

Here we recap our new product features and changes for the month of June 2022.

July 8, 2022
Marcello Rossi
Director of Product

The engineering and product team was hard at work these last few weeks. May and June were important months for ContainIQ as we released a number of new capabilities and improvements to our feature sets. In early June, we were able to build and release our Health dashboard, improve our tracing feature set (i.e. request & response payloads), and completely overhaul our onboarding journey; making it easier for customers to register and try ContainIQ in a matter of minutes!


  • Health Dashboard to monitor system wide changes in a simple view.
  • Trace Payloads to view what was contained in the payload causing a specific error. 
  • No Card Required 14-Day Free Trial to get users up, running, and monitoring their infrastructure in minutes.

Health Dashboard

Our new health dashboard gives users a clear view of the health and status of each deployment, StatefulSet and DaemonSet (workloads) helping users bridge the gap between changes in their system and the impact it has on their infrastructure. This allows our users to troubleshoot faster by mapping unhealthy deployments directly to changes in their codebase. Users can also dive deeper into each deployment to view all corresponding events as well as, compare CPU and MEM limits against current usage over a specific time period. 

How it works: 

  • View all existing and new workloads inside of your cluster, automatically. 
  • 1-click correlate unhealthy workloads directly to a Github repository and commit to understand what caused the issue at hand.
  • View replicas available vs. replicas requested. 
  • Sparklines help users quickly understand each deployment's average CPU and Memory over the past 10 minutes or choose a longer time frame when you need a deeper dive.
  • Filter healthy and unhealthy deployments across specific namespaces or the entire cluster.
ContainIQ Health Dashboard

Trace Payloads: 

In addition to trace logs, we’ve also started to capture request and response payloads in our trace details section. By including payloads with each trace, users are able to troubleshoot more effectively when things go wrong and debug from one view. 

For example, if end-users are encountering a 5xx status code error, users are able to use the trace details to view what was contained in the payload causing the 5xx error, as well as, the corresponding logs. To view payload details, users can click into a specific individual request and see both the request and response payloads. Additionally, payloads with larger volumes of data can be opened into a separate modal to help with readability. 

Request & Response Payloads

Credit Card No Longer Required During Free Trial 

For our self-serve users, we completely overhauled the ContainIQ onboarding journey. By removing various friction points (plan selection, payment details) we are now able to get new users up, running, and monitoring their infrastructure and workloads in about 5 minutes. And importantly, users are no longer required to enter a credit card in order to access our 14-day free trial.

In the onboarding journey we’ve also added two optional steps. The first is the ability for new users to invite teammates at no additional cost, and the second is to integrate with Slack and enable pre-configured alerts, giving new users a clear view of the various events and metrics out-of-the-box. Improving the on-boarding experience is an ongoing project that we will continue to work on - we want our users' on-boarding experience with ContainIQ to be as seamless as possible. 

ContainIQ Create an Account

That’s a wrap for our June update. We are working on some exciting things for the remainder of June and into July, and as always we look forward to sharing them with you! Here is a quick rundown on some of the items we are getting ready to launch in the coming months:

  • Completely overhauled logging UI, including the ability to view surrounding logs
  • Custom Metrics
  • ContainIQ Profiler
  • gRPC protocol support

If you want to learn more about our latest releases or how ContainIQ can help you with your monitoring and observability needs, feel free to book a demo here. You can also register for an account here and get started with our self service product in minutes.

As always, we welcome any suggestions, comments, and feedback. Please feel free to reach out. We’d love to hear from you!

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Marcello Rossi
Director of Product

As the Director of Product, Marcello oversees the design and user experience of ContainIQ's product. Marcello is also responsible for identifying and prioritizing high potential feature sets that improve the end-user experience.