Kubernetes Monitoring Made Simple

Our platform makes it easy for teams to monitor core metrics and track events as they happen. Our out-of-the-box solution allows you to monitor the health of your cluster with pre-built dashboards and easy-to-set alerts. It just works with a one-line install.

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Product monitoring features

Monitor Pod and Node Metrics

Quickly check Pod & Node CPU and Memory, with easy filtering and alerting
Vizualize the cluster with a beautiful hexagonal display, color coded by usage
View available vs used overtime to improve efficiency
Aggregate Pod & Node data from multiple clusters and cloud providers in one view

Kubernetes Event Monitoring

View a historical record of all events in the cluster.
Monitor for common Warnings like Crashloopbackoffs, Pod Eviction, and more.
Monitor and alert for a variety of use cases (ex Kubernetes jobs failing or succeeding)
Search through dataset of events, filtering by Normal and Warning events over time

Measure and Monitor Latency By Microservice and URL Path

Monitor latency by microservice, including p95, p99, average, and RPS
Works instantly without application packages or middleware
Monitor latency by URL path / endpoint, available for specific kernel versions
Search functionality, filter by date range, and view data over time

Create Monitors and Deliver Alerts via Slack

Easy to set monitors, or alerts, across the entire platform
Monitor for changes in latency, CPU, memory, and for important events
Toggle monitors on and off with one click
One-click Slack integration, choose the channel where you want to receive alert notifications.

Logging Dashboard

Automatically collect anything logged inside your cluster from your internal applications and Kubernetes system components
Easily search logs by pod, message, timestamp, or cluster
Filter log data by specific date ranges or times of the day
Log data stored for 14-days by default. Longer-term storage available for enterprise level plans