Kubernetes Monitoring and Alerting Made Simple

Learn more about how ContainIQ’s native Kubernetes agent, alongside our pre-built dashboards, helps you diagnose and solve issues faster. Our goal was to build something that just works. And ContainIQ just works with a one-line install.

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Integrating ContainIQ into your stack is easy as 1, 2, and 3

Our clients can get up and running in a matter of minutes. We built our platform to layer into your existing workflows and work alongside your current third-party integrations. Below we’ve provided a brief step-by-step on how clients are getting started.

1. Download The Agent

curl -L -o deployment.yaml https://raw.githubusercontent.com/containiq/containiq-deployment/master/deployment.yaml

2. Create The Deployment

kubectl apply -f deployment.yaml

3. Start Analyzing Your Data

Choose one of our preconfigured dashboards to start getting better insight into your kubernetes clusters

Want to see a live step-by-step of the integration and onboarding process? Book a Demo with a member of our engineering team here.
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Track the metrics that matter most

Monitoring key metrics including

Container image failures / crashes
Kubernetes Job Failures
Kubernetes Control Plane Failures
Pod & Node CPU, Memory
P95 and P99 Service Latency

How do we deliver

Unique pre-built dashboards available
Slack channel notifications
Third-party integrations like PagerDuty (Coming Soon!)

How we support our user’s clusters

Dedicated Slack channel for Q&A
Work with you to diagnose failures and crashes
Library of helpful content in our learning center

How the ContainIQ kubernetes
monitoring platform works

You can install ContainIQ using HELM or a .yaml file. We have two agents that sit inside your cluster: a single replica deployment that collects metrics and events from the Kubernetes API and an additional daemonset that collects latency information for every pod on that node.

Team A’s Cluster
Team A’s Cluster
Your ContainIQ Backend
Data shared to
third-party tools
We provide help at every step of the process
Team Bs Cluster
Team Bs Cluster