Monitor EKS Workloads Running With Fargate

Get up and running quickly with an out-of-the-box solution. A thoughtfully designed set of tools for Fargate including metrics, logging, deployment health, and EKS cluster events without additional instrumentation.

Support for EKS with Fargate
Dedicated Support
Troubleshoot Faster

A comprehensive set of tools to monitor and troubleshoot AWS Fargate containers.

The full tool-set for monitoring Fargate workloads

Visualize your cluster with a beautiful hexagonal display, color-coded by usage
Automatically collect anything logged by your ephemeral Fargate pods
View health and status of all existing and new workloads inside of your cluster, automatically
Real-time and historical records of all K8s events from Fargate containers

“ContainIQ makes it easier for us to run post-mortem analysis”

Thanks to ContainIQ, we can keep track of and inspect the logs of our ephemeral Fargate pods. This makes it easier for us to run post-mortem analysis.

Pol Alvarez Vecino
Principal Engineer

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