Explore Custom Prometheus Metrics Directly in ContainIQ

A straightforward solution to tracking unique infrastructure and application KPIs. Graph, filter, and aggregate custom metrics over specific time series’. 

Custom Metrics
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Collect and analyze custom metrics unique to your system.

Custom Metrics By ContainIQ

Native Prometheus integration
Create unlimited dashboards at no extra cost
Aggregate and analyze custom metrics by max, min, sum, average, p95, and p99
Collect metrics from services like: Lambda, MongoDB, Postgres, Redis, Kafka 

“We used ContainIQ as a drop-in replacement

“It’s all about knowing when to do things manually, and when to let a tool handle the work for us. Using ContainIQ enables us to spend our time actually working on our platform, instead of configuring observability.”

Dan Goodman
Co-founder & CEO

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